Falcon Families Support Fund

LVMS Staff, Parents, and Community- If you are able to help, we are accruing funds for our LaVenture students and families via this gofundme page. Your donation will go directly to our students and families. Please read below to learn more about how we plan to use these funds!

Thank you to our donors for your unwavering support! With your support, the funds from this page have covered a variety of student needs including: basic hygiene items, food staples and snacks, school supplies, and gift cards for our LVMS families to purchase all of the above. 

As we approach our 5th week into the 2020-2021 school year, our support staff are learning more about our LVMS family needs that include all of the supplies mentioned above. In addition, we hope to build on our positive school culture and boost our LVMS pride by providing students with rewards as a part of our school wide positive behavioral interventions and support (PBIS) system. Your donations are directly supporting our LV families and students, thank you for your continued partnership!